Snoop Dogg Banks in Uber for Weed App

It’s 6 pm, do you know where your weed dealer is? If he’s anything like ours then he’s been m.i.a. for the past hour, which is really the worst way to kill your impending high. But never fear, Snoop Dogg – the patron saint of marijuana – is here with a solution!

Meet Eaze, the weed delivery app that aims to have you rolled up and blazing within 20 minutes of ordering. It’s an easy and simple Uber-esque delivery service that lets you browse through their catalogue of medical marihuana selections until you find the right one for you and then gets delivered by safe and approved drivers. Say goodbye to leaving the house once and for all!

The company has so far raised $10 million from a myriad of investors, one of which is Snoop’s Casa Verde Capital, and really who better to dip their hands in the venture than D O double G – an avid smoker and business maven who allegedly smokes 81 blunts a day (including one in the White House).

The only drawback to the service is that for now it only delivers medical marihuana in California. However, with fellow stoner aficionado Willie Nelson recently announcing the launch of his own weed, and more and more states legalizing the herb, the nation-wide future of mj looks increasingly promising. For now you’ll have to keep waiting for your shitty dealer to deliver, but at least you can smoke happily to the idea of a brighter and greener future.

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