Marc by Marc Jacobs Getting Sued by Adidas

A pattern of stripes on clothing seems far too ubiquitously used throughout any era of fashion for a single entity to possibly claim ownership over it. Yet nevertheless, Adidas, titan of the sportswear industry, has claimed precisely that, in a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs no less.

Filing suit against the Jacobs offshoot line Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adidas has insinuated that their trademark ‘three-stripe down the sleeve’ design has been flagrantly ripped off by the some of the sweaters appearing in the Marc by Marc FW14 collection that boasted a ‘four-stripe’ design by co-creative directors Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley. Though a series of stripes running down a sleeve may seem an innocuous accouterment, Adidas has said in their suit that Jacobs “intentionally adopted and used confusingly similar imitations of the three-stripe mark knowing that they would mislead and deceive consumers into believing the apparel was produced, authorized, or licensed by Adidas.”

Whether or not Marc by Marc Jacobs knowingly paid indirect homage to Adidas’ iconic design is hard to tell, but this is not the first time that Adidas has taken proactively aggressive measures to protect their brand’s image. Just two months ago they filed suit with Isabel Marant for the exact same reasons, though geared toward a copycat line of shoes. Though perhaps most intriguingly, there has been no word on how this lawsuit will proceed now that Marc by Marc Jacobs is officially being discontinued. It doesn’t make much of an easy goodbye for the label, but their memory will live on, even if it’s in the annals of legal court documents.

Photos courtesy of Indigital

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