Palace Skateboards debuts Bricks and Mortar Store

Good luck trying to buy that new Palace Skateboards merch—it’s likely to sell out within twenty minutes. And, deservedly so. With a cult-like following that ranges from street kids to high-profile fashion heads including Rihanna, Drake, A$AP Rocky, and everyone in between, London-based Palace is sure to rattle the skate-fash scene with their latest mid-season line, set to drop at the brand’s first ever official retail space.

On a call with Palace originator Lev Tanju says, “We’re opening a shop and we need to fill it with product, so we just wanna make a lot of really nice stuff.”

You bet it’s “nice stuff.” Lev went international in the creation of this line—from Italian chinos and Scottish knitwear to made-in-England jackets, Japanese denim, and Palace gold-cast penny loafers from Portugal. “It’s nice to find factories and work with them to make stuff you wanna wear and not have to buy it from other people.”

Palace’s London-based shop opens on April 25th at 26 Brewer Street. We’re definitely expecting a lot of well-deserved hyped up traffic similar to that of the heyday of Supreme. Although hype is probably the last thing on Lev’s mind, seeing as how quickly the merch moves.

For our American Palace lovers out there, you can locate some gear at NYC’s Dover Street Market or check out their latest collection here.

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