New Techno Museum Makes Clubbing Educational

Get your glow sticks ready world, because Europe’s first ever techno museum will be opening in Frankfurt soon. The MOMEM (Museum of Modern Electronic Music), which is set to open in 2017, will be the second museum of it’s kind in the world, the first being EXHIBIT 3000 in Detroit. Its creation solidifies Germany as the home of all things synth and electronica.

Andreas Tomalla (known by his DJ name Talla 2XLC), the creator of the term ‘techno’ in the 80s, is the driving force behind the museum, and has been named the first honorary chairman of the Friends of MOMEM. Tomalla has dedicate his whole life to techno, doing events like Technoclub, the 1980s parties that he held which were the first introduction of techno music in Germany. Hopefully we’ll see some other techno faves on display like Daft Punk or Kratftwerk.

While the MOMEM will archive the history of the genre, as well as it’s relationship with German culture, it also aspires to so much more. According to Deutsche Welle “the museum will shrug off traditional museum exhibition traits and instead offer a space which invites visitors into the sensory world of electronic music, exploring many aspects of the musical form.” Germany wants clubbing for all! Not only that, but organizers reported that there will be DJing workshops and live events held in museum. The city of Frankfurt is also leasing the property to MOMEM free of charge, showing a devotion to the genre. We’re all for education, especially when it involves dancing the night away.

See the MOMEM Facebook page here for more updates on the museum’s completion

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