Fashion Thieves Run Off with 500 Hermès Bags

We all know that Hermès bags are pretty hard to come by, but now it’s gotten just a little harder. Last Thursday, at about 7:30 local time, French thieves stole 500 bags, whose value totaled at $1.07 million. WWD’s police source confirmed details of the theft, which consisted of six individuals forcing a manager, who was alone at the packaging facility outside of Paris where the merchandise was stolen, to load the bags into a truck.The bags ranged from leather to canvas, and anywhere from $535 to $5,354. The police source said, “The mode of operation suggests they were a well-prepared team,” making the whole ordeal feel like something out of Oceans 11. The designer brand had no comment for press.

If you’re depressed that you may never get to see those bags, there’s still hope to get your fix. A new exhibition, Wanderland, opened at Saatchi Gallery and will be showing over 4,000 items from the brand, all focusing on the nature and french idea of ‘flânerie’, or ‘aimless, idle behavior’. Items like a bike, travel writing journal and even items from the Hermès archives, like the museum collection of Emile Hermès at 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris

While the idea of a large scale luxury heist is a story that you only see in movies, Hermès shouldn’t be too concerned with the stolen goods. Those thieves are probably too busy walking down a Parisian roadway, smoking a cigarette and watching the leaves fall to steal much else anyway.

See the exhibition Wanderland at Saatchi Gallery until May 2nd

Photo from Hermès Fall 2013 Campaign

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