New Yakitori Bar Looks like Something Out of An Anime

From Studio Ghibli to Nintendo, Japanese artists have always thought out of the box, making wild creations. Kengo Kuma is no exception when it comes to architecture. Kuma has done everything, like redesigning this Starbucks and creating intricate living spaces for dogs, but his latest work has blown it all out of the water. Kuma took a normal yakitori bar (a small restaurant for grilled and skewered chicken) and turned it into a wooly fantasyland.

The high concept restaurant design, located in a Tokyo suburb called Kichijoji, creates a completely different landscape once the customer walks in. The entirety of the second floor is covered in recycled and colorful ethernet cables, giving a shaggy, furry look to the walls, furniture and even the lights. It looks like an otherworldly forest right out of a Miyazaki film. The first floor bar is furnished with acrylic byproducts that give it a sleek, ice like appearance. On the opposite wall of the bar is a manga-inspired mural by Teruhiko Yumura.

And we can totally see some blue haired anime girls hanging out here on their time off. So if you’re looking for a place to eat that makes you feel like you’re tripping out and also incorporates some retro 90s tech, you know where to go.

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