PJ Harvey & The Beastie Boys Through The Eyes of Google Streetview

Ever wanted to re-create some of your favorite album artwork? Or dreamt of embodying a young Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan on a stroll through the West Village? Thanks to Halley Docherty, stalking your favorite musicians just got a whole lot easier.

Docherty, a Google Streetview pro from the Guardian, has managed to track down some of the sites used for the most iconic album covers of all time. Besides the obvious location of The Abbey Road cover, Doherty’s been able to pin-point the exact streets used for the album art of artists like Oasis, Pink Floyd, PJ Harvey and Led Zeppelin.

Mostly situated in grungy NYC and London, these photos reveal the changing neighborhoods and aesthetics, while showing us a slice of musical history taking place in the most unexpected of locations. Who knows — maybe one of these rockstars have even been photographed in your neighborhood.

So, Apparently, there’s more to Google Streetview than finding blurry photos of yourself jaywalking. Who woulda thought?

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