Breakfast Club Script Discovered in the IRL High School

Even as it turns 30 years old this year, The Breakfast Club has lost none of its power to encapsulate the experience of adolescence, regardless of which generation you belong to. The rich heritage of the film received a surprising new chapter however, with the discovery of a treasure trove of original film memorabilia…in the actual high school in which it was filmed.

Maine South High School, located in the suburbs outside Chicago, was in the process of a move when a folder found in a filing cabinet emerged to contain several documents of the film’s production circa 1984. The jewel of this bounty was an original, first draft of the script, still riddled with the pencil marks of director/writer John Hughes himself. The authenticity of the script is undisputed; many changes are present, from the first versions of character names to most of the dialogue, as well as notes of approval from the IRL school’s principal at the time who had to oversee any production requirements for legal reasons. A particular mention is made of prolific stains of pizza grease on the front page of the script, assuring any doubt as to its practical usage.

The Breakfast Club’s infamous library set was sadly not a real part of the school, but a set that was constructed in the gymnasium. Present day school officials have recognized the pricelessness of these finds, and while no concrete plans for the memorabilia’s future has been set, they have full intentions to preserve the document for public display, citing it as “an iconic piece of history,” in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. We’re thinking that a fitting tribute may be to transform the now derelict high school into a full-scale Breakfast Club museum, complete with a dance tour through the library. Who knows what other treasures may have been left behind…Barry Manilow’s wardrobe perhaps?

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