Call Shamir's Relationshp Hotline for Bae Advice

We were already pretty excited for the release of Shamir’s upcoming debut album Ratchet, but he just took our anticipation and turned it up to 11. To promote the album, and lead single ‘Call It Off,’ Shamir has launched a wildly creative and utterly hilarious promotional campaign in the form of a live, working call-in relationship phone line.

Dubbed the ‘Call It Off Relationship Hotline’, it is a fully functional service overseen personally by Shamir. By calling the number 1-844-4SHAMIR, you are greeted to the singer’s instantly recognizable countertenor voice presenting you with three options. The first is to leave a voicemail with your relationship problem, to which Shamir will respond to you with his thoughts on the matter and quality advice to help get over your bae. If you have no complaints, then you can call the number simply to hear the new single ‘Call It Off.’ The third, and perhaps most fantastic option, is to hear all of the options repeated to you again, in a ridiculously deeper voice.

Sure everybody’s been pulling a Beyonce to drop their new albums lately, but when was the last time an artist launched a personalized call service to promote their music? It’s cute, it’s kitschy, and it’s quintessential Shamir, an artist who is about to take the music world by storm.

‘Ratchet’ is out on May 19 via XL Records. Follow Shamir on Facebook here

Check out our exclusive interview with Shamir here

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