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A Hot Minute with the Flatbush ZOMBIES

Wearing their designs for A Bathing Ape and surrounded by a slew of Japanese press, Milk Made’s Ana Velasco sat down with the Flatbush ZOMBIES for a hot minute about their design, the brand, and their favorite cities to play live.

Milk Made: What inspired your design?

Flatbush ZOMBIES: New York City and the Notorious BIG. Rest in peace. And Phillip Annand, original ZOMBIE logo print.

MM: What’s your first of BAPE?

FZ: Seeing it in music videos and I couldn’t afford it. Definitely.

MM: It must feel awesome to be collaborating with them now.

FZ: Definitely.

MM: What does BAPE mean to you guys?

FZ: It’s a lifestyle. It means I have sheets, I have boxers, I have socks, I have a book, I have a sweater, I have a coffee table – it’s a lifestyle. In many, many different colors. Very important haha.

MM: What are you guys working on now aside from this collaboration?

FZ: Our upcoming album which is coming out sometime in the fall.

MM: Are you guys gonna go on tour?

FZ: Of course. We were just on tour – a European tour from March to April and before that, last year, we did a U.S. and Canada tour from October to December. So we’ve been pretty busy.

MM: That’s awesome! What’s your favorite city that you’ve played so far?

FZ: Oh man. Tokyo. It’s a hard question, you know? It’s like asking what your favorite finger is – I know my favorite finger (the middle!). Umm Tokyo, we like Paris, we like London, we like Amsterdam, we like New York. We like everybody!

MM: Does it feel good to play at home?

FZ: Yeah, when the crowd is not stiff and acting like they’re too cool, yeah sure.

MM: That happens in New York.

FZ: Yeah that’s the New York crowd.

Photos courtesy of A Bathing Ape

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