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Colette x McDonald's is today's Fashion WTF

Last month we got a glimpse into the first McDonald’s clothing line, but oddly enough that’s not where the golden arch titan’s fashion fun ends. In what continues to be a really strange chain of sartorial events, Colette, the ultra famous, ultra cool Parisian store, will be collaborating with the fast food giant.

The collaboration will see Colette create apparel and accessories (smartphone cases, t-shirts, bags, etc.) that will include artistic representations of the menu’s most famous items like fries and Big Macs, although no word yet on whether Ronald McDonald will make it onto any of the garments.

The line will be limited edition and will be available as of May 4th through Colette’s store and website, but if you can’t wait until then to get your hands on a burger shirt, you could always fly to Sweden to get your hands on Mickey D’s first official collection.

McDonalds FW 15…are you loving it?

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