Go See Warhol's Screen Tests in Times Square

The incomparable Andy Warhol’s ventures into the world of film were diverse to say the least, encompassing a range that saw feature films like Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, the more art-house fare of Chelsea Girls, and even 12 hour long avant-garde epics like Empire. Perhaps most striking of all his visual work is his series of screen tests of his friends and celebrity guests, filmed during the heyday of the Factory. Now these screen tests will be premiering in one of the biggest venues in the country: the billboards of Times Square.

Every one of the screen tests that Warhol completed between 1964-1966 will be blown to epic proportions on the screens surrounding the infamously crowded Midtown Manhattan district. For the entire month of May, the screens normally dedicated to large-scale advertising will change over to the piercing imagery of Warhol’s camera. The magic will only be present for a brief moment each night, being shown strictly from 11:57 PM-12:00 AM only to vanish until the next evening. Some of the footage has been rarely–if ever–shown outside the museum setting, marking the debut of a wealth of the iconic imagery of Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Nico, Allen Ginsberg, Dennis Hopper, Edie Sedgwick, and the rest of the Factory crew that make his screen tests so special.

This project is part of an ongoing, Times Square-run series titled ‘Midnight Moments.’ An organization aimed at bringing more art-oriented work into the otherwise corporate vacuum, some of their previous projects included a multi-screen showing of Bjork’s music video for ‘Mutual Core’ and a Yoko Ono video installation titled ‘Imagine Peace.’ Seeing the shining faces of Warhol’s stars in stadium sized-form will make for a real treat for longtime fans of the artists, and inevitably will make for more educational media for the tourists constantly flocked in the area.

Go see Warhol’s screen tests from May 1st – May 31st

For more information on the project, visit their website here

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