Jamie XX Shares Intergalactic 'Gosh' Video

The warbling, muffled drum machines and twinkling synthesizers that have come to typify the music of Jamie XX has always lent itself to cosmic comparisons; it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that the collage of voices that appear in his samples and remixes could be transmissions beamed directly down from space. It would seem that Jamie has his head in a similar place with the release of ‘Gosh,’ a new music video that literally transcends dimensions.

‘Gosh’ is the second video released in promotion for his upcoming solo debut titled In Colour. Where the first video, Loud Places, was marked by a personal glimpse into Jamie’s life of skating around London with his fellow XX bandmate Romy, ‘Gosh’ does the exact opposite, transporting viewers on a panoramic journey around a presumably alien planet. Given the mechanized colony that’s viewable in certain shots, we feel safe in assuming this is not a planet in any galaxy we’ve seen before. The track itself is just as stunning as the accompanying video, building colossal walls of sound out of minimal vocal samples before giving way to a keyboard solo that sounds like it came from the alien planet in question.

Though In Colour is his first album as a solo artist, he has had a remarkably prolific career in music. He has found wide acclaim as the chief singer/songwriter of alternative band The XX, releasing their debut in 2009. He’s also found success in his remixing work, which includes the album We’re New Here, an electronic reworking of Gil Scott-Heron’s final record that spawned a single later sampled by Drake. Expectations are incredibly high for In Colour, presenting a medium in which the multitalented composer/DJ will finally have the stage to himself for the first time.

In Colour is out June 1 via Young Turks Records, pre-order the album here

Read our exclusive interview with Jamie here

Photo by Jamie James Medina

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