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1/8 — By Beth Hoeckel



Petra Collins' Babe Book is Exactly What Feminism Needs

‘Feminist’ is a pretty charged word these days, and feminism has expanded to be a part of any modern progressive thinkers’ vocabulary. Beloved stars like Emma Watson and Queen B have taken a strong stance on the side of social and political equality for the sexes. Another voice making waves in the feminist movement is creative powerhouse and our favorite social pioneer Petra Collins and her all female artist collective The Ardorous, who will be publishing their upcoming art book titled Babe.

Babe, named to reclaim the word from catcallers and put it in a more platonic context, will explore feminist ideals outside of just sexuality. Themes of friendship, social media and body image are tackled on the pastel pink pages of femininity. The book will feature artists like Maisie Cousins, Arivda Bystrom and Julia Baylis, with a foreword by actress and Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson. But Babe is not Collins’ only pro-women project in the works. From her up and coming documentary series Making Space, which will explore youth (particularly for girls) in 2015, to her essay Censorship and the Female Body, written in response to her Instagram account being deleted because of a photo she posted that showed pubic hair, Collins is dedicated to the voices and empowerment of women.

But why does this book matter so much? The book reclaims a word used to hurt and tear women apart from each other, and redefines it in order to unify the movement. There are huge (and very necessary) discourses on rape culture and the wage gap, but the often ignored issue among women, and their platonic relationships with other women, is rarely brought up. In a society that tries to teach us that all other women are competition, books like Babe help us to refocus and remember that we are all a part of the struggle together, and that we need each other.

You can preorder the art book here, which will be released in the US on June 1st.

All imagery courtesy of Pretsel

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