4.29.2015 Will Soon be an E-Commerce Site

For nearly 15 years now, had been a haven for fashion fans around the world looking to virtually expand their vestment vocabulary. Its time has come to an end, or at least, its current format has. Media giant Conde Nast has announced this week its plans to not only merge into their domain but to transform it into an E-commerce site.

The revamped will become an online marketplace for a variety of luxury goods, including clothing, beauty products, travel services, and even technology. According to Conde Nast CEO Charles Townsend, more and more brands are being added and incorporated into the future marketplace at an exponential rate. “The audience of our magazines and websites around the globe comes to more than 300 million,” he said in a press release on the merger, “Our potential customer base is far higher than any fashion e-commerce business currently operating.”

So what does this mean for the visitors of Unless you plan on purchasing items through their marketplace, not much. All of their current features and news stories will now be redirected to US Vogue’s website. It makes for a coincidental bit of symmetry, as initially began as Vogue’s online platform before developing one of its own. For those that may be remorseful for the loss of the current, there’s no need to be riddled with angst until next year. The new, e-commerce Style isn’t launching until Fall 2015 for the UK, and not in the US until the following Spring. In the meantime, prepare yourself for the ultimate online retailer.

Photo of Kenzo AW15 by Sonny Vandevelde

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