Italy Opens the World's First Museum of Poop

Sometimes, the title really does say it all. The casual museum goer who finds themself in the small town of Castelbosco, Italy, just south of Milan, may see nothing amiss when happening upon the historic villa housing the Museo della Merda. Unless they speak Italian, in which case they would quickly notice that its translation of ‘The Museum of Shit.’

Literal shit, that is. The Museo della Merda is a living testament to the numerous ways in which poop has affected humanity. In their own words, they aim to provide “information on excrement in culture, technology, and history. Few phenomena are so rich in material and conceptual complexity as the culture history of excrement.”
Aside from a working history of defecation, the museum will pinpoint the variety of ways that excrement is a sustainable substance, benefitting ecological circumstances through both human and animal waste in the use of fertilizers, recycling, and even construction.

The museum will include a variety of documents and artifacts pertaining to defecation through centuries of human history. Whether or not visitors will walk away learning “what a useful and living substance shit really is,” is beside the point. In how many other places will you be able to look at a centuries old turd?

Visit Museo della Merda’s website here

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