NYC's Cultural Revival With New Bill

Many creatives have come out and said that New York City has become “unlivable” for today’s artist. The New York eras of Patti Smith and Nan Goldin have come to end. What the city desperately needs is a revival of the arts, and that’s exactly what it’s going to get.

A new bill passed in New York City’s Council aiming to create a “cultural plan.” The plan would require an analysis of neighborhoods and the availability of art and cultural institutions to them. Even more so, the plan pushes to meet the needs of artists in New York and addresses how they can remain living in the City as a result of soaring real estate prices. Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio released a plan to build affordable living and working spaces for artists. Community and economic development play a role in the processes to be pushed forward. The City wants to create a more arts-friendly structure, and make sure arts education remains incorporated into school curriculums. Technology is said to play a big role in achieving this outreach to the community, thus making it an important part of budgeting and preparation. All initiatives to achieve what is outlined in this bill require detailed reports that are to be submitted two years after the plan goes into effect, and biannually from then on out.

It’s possible that New York’s art scene won’t be doomed like Ben Davis thought. The City is rich with art history, and it is important to keep adding to this history. From Keith Haring and his social activist work to music icon Bob Dylan, we cannot let these artists and the others from their time be the last greats of New York City. This revival is much needed and has the potential to keep New York in its spot as the greatest cultural mecca in the world.

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