Virgil Abloh's Before and After

Splats of colored dye on ‘off-white’ clothing has made it’s breakthrough in Virgil Abloh’s latest dream-like docu-fashion film Before and After. The video signifies a collaboration between his label, Off-White, online retailer SSENSE, and Belgian photographer and curator Pierre Debusschere. Abloh, who is also Kanye’s creative director, an international DJ, and the eye behind two other fashion labels—Been Trill and Pyrex, mentioned in a discussion with SSENSE magazine that his plan for this film was to invite the audience in to experience the collection’s creative process. “I really like it: the title ‘Before and After’ and the whole energy of, you can see into the creative process and you’re looking at the final result at the same time.”

The video features a mixed-gender crew, slowly wading and moving to "Oh Linda" by Gordon Lightfoot, wearing Off-White white clothing from head to toe with black diagonal striped panels and triangles accompanied by the word “WHITE.” The aesthetic is transformed when pops of color are thrown from mattress to person, to floor, to ceiling in the aged old-stone building.

Abloh had long been planning to work with Debusschere, noting that their collaboration greatly helped him to both realize his vision behind the collection—to bridge the gap between street wear and high fashion. “The clothing was created at a 50% capacity, and only after we did the film would the 100% identity of the clothing be finished.”

The vid and pigment-stricken clothing as shown in the video are now available to view and purchase [here](

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