Get Ready for a Kurt Cobain Solo Album

Last Sunday, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck finished showing in theaters and has been released on HBO. But more exciting news is coming from the documentary team – Brett Morgen, director of the intimate portrait, will be putting together an album of unreleased, primarily never before heard, solo recordings by Kurt Cobain.

Morgen reveals in an interview that the album, which is set to be released this summer, will feature snippets from over 200 hours worth of Kurt just being Kurt. Morgen says that “the audio ran the gamut from jam sessions with Courtney, some jam sessions with various friends and Nirvana, his first demo tapes, his Fecal Matter demos, his mix tapes and oral canvases like Montage, a lot of silly spoken word stuff and not-silly spoken word stuff like the story he told of losing his virginity, covers of the Beatles songs…” Kurt Cobain, the culture icon that changed music for everyone, becomes more and more human as we uncover more of his personal story.

On top of these new recordings, fans will also get the chance to go back and reminisce on Nirvana’s rocker beginnings. The Modern Rocks Gallery in Austin is hosting an exhibition that will display famed rock photographer Kirk Weddle’s outtakes from the Nevermind album cover photo shoot. The images show a budding rock band, on the precipice of fame and completely unaware of the cultural weight they would soon carry. One image featured in the shoot shows Kurt napping pool side, as they were in the middle of touring. Even seeing a young Dave Grohl, clean shaven and pre-Foo Fighters, gives the photos a surreal timelessness.

There’s no doubt about Nirvana’s cultural impact and cult following. The band members, and specifically Kurt Cobain, have risen to a god-like rock status that few musicians could ever hope to reach in their life time. It’s hard to imagine the day-to-day life of such icons, but now we get to understand the inner workings of a band that never expected the glamour they got, and get a glimpse of the full picture of Kurt Cobain, one of music’s greatest enigmatic figures.

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