Selfie Takers Destroy Prized Sculpture of Hercules

Despite the continually expanding number of museums that list the selfie-stick among its contraband, even the standard phone selfie is capable of some serious damage. At least that’s what the Italian city of Cremona learned over the weekend, as a pair of tourists managed to destroy a priceless, centuries old sculpture of Hercules in their attempt to capture the perfect self-portrait.

To add insult to injury, the statue that took a beating was one that just happened to serve as the symbolic emblem of the city of Cremona. Titled Statue of the Two Hercules, it depicts—you guessed it—two figures of Hercules holding aloft the crest of Cremona. According to legend, the son of Zeus himself founded the provincial capital, bringing a mixture of hometown pride and mythological lore to the early eighteenth century sculpture.

The two tourists involved in the incident were reportedly grinding all up in these two Hercules’ business trying to take their selfie, which resulted in shoving the crown off the city emblem centerpiece. The crown smashed to the ground and has been damaged beyond the point of restoration or repair. The pair split from the scene pretty quick, but authorities have identified the two suspects, who still remain anonymous in public press releases.

Amazingly, this is not the first time such incidents have occurred to the works of the masters on Italian soil. Just this past March, a similar destruction occurred to an Ancient Greek statue in Milan that fell victim to a student climbing in its lap. Even more shockingly, two American tourists were caught defacing the Colosseum, yes THE Colosseum, by scratching their initials with a coin into its historic bricks and taking a selfie of their handiwork.

Is there a lesson to be learned in all this? A rather obvious one, it would seem. If you can’t take you selfie with more caution and self-awareness, then you shouldn’t take a selfie at all. Let’s not ruin it for the rest of us.

Image via Daily Mail

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