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9 "Couples" Who Shut It Down at the Met Gala

The Met Gala never fails to satisfy our appetite for high-fashion and Hollywood glamour. Last night at the most exclusive and stylish event of the year, all eyes were peeled on Hollywood’s A-listers and their fashion counterparts. Aside from the obvious couplings that arrived together, many of the best-dressed guests brought the most unexpected of dates. Namely, Cher, J.LO, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry strutted down the red carpet with the designers of their gowns, while others like Madonna brought Diplo along to complement her aesthetic.

Anna Wintour, the chair of the Gala, notoriously banned selfies and social media from the red carpet, but that didn’t stop selfie-queen Kim K from updating her Instagram with behind the scene photos of the event.

The Gala honors the Met’s annual fashion exhibit and themes the event accordingly. This year, the Met Gala’s theme was China: Through the Looking Glass, which looks at the fusion between Western and Chinese design. Luckily, we were glad that most refrained from appropriating Chinese culture for fashion.

So today, we bring you 9 of the most best-dressed couplings who shut it down at the Met with not only who they were wearing, but who they arrived with.

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