Gender Neutral Title 'mx' to join 'mr' & ms' as a recognized honorific

Notions of gender identity are becoming more fluid, progressive and inclusive, enabling all to be more honest and genuine versions of themselves. With this evolution of gender identity, comes a new set of vocab to align with our changing ideals. The Oxford English Dictionary has understood this need to adapt and has officially acknowledged the term ‘mx’ as a title for those who do not wish to identify as ‘ms’ or ‘mr’.

‘Mx’, pronounced “mix", is a widely recognized title throughout the United Kingdom and is even featured on official documents like driving licenses and bank statements. Although, the honorific has been used since the 1970s, the term has not been widely publicized until recently.

Trans activist and performance artist Justin Vivian Bond is perhaps one of the most well known figures to identify with title ‘mx’. In response to this news, Bond wrote on Instagram: "I’m so grateful to all the amazing gender activists in the U.K. who worked tirelessly to make this happen."

Facebook, too, has made changes to accommodate those who do not wish to conform to any binary by offering customized options for gender. And similarly, last year, the UK government began considering issuing Gender X passports to those who don’t identify with male or female.

These various powerful forces —whether it be Facebook or the Oxford Dictionary– are creating a more inclusive and accepting society while simultaeniously confronting existing binaries and patriarchal structures. We as members of 21st century society, are witnessing a gender revolution take place right before our eyes.

Photo of Mx Justin Bond by David Kimelman

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