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Courrèges Returns! Celebrate With Their Best Looks

The world of fashion has never quite recovered from the bomb that hit them in the early 1960’s. It came from France, and its name was Courrèges. Courrèges, the eponymous label of designer Andre Courrèges, is responsible for some of the most iconic designs in fashion, revolutionizing the trends and apparel that have come to define ‘mod.’ From dichromatic geometric cut dresses to space age headgear to claiming ownership of the first miniskirt, Courrèges was the name behind the fashion of an era.

But the fashion house has been under considerable strain in recent years. In 2011, the house and all its subsidiary extensions were bought by ad execs Jacques Bungert and Frederic Torloting. Ever since the sale, the house has been all but nonexistent–barring a makeup collaboration with Estee Lauder–instead spending the past several years reconfiguring how the brand will present itself. After their long process of rebirth, the house has officially announced two new creative directors—Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, formerly of the label Coperni Femme. They will be presenting their first collection for Spring 2016, the first new Courrèges collection in half a decade.

In anticipation of the label’s glorious return and the coming revival of Space Age chic, we’ve put together a list of our favorite, essential Courrèges looks. Feast your eyes on the mod realness, and stay tuned for everything the unpredictable brand has in store.

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