British Banning Continues with Mia Goth Miu Miu Ad

And the saga of British censorship continues….Hot on the heels of a controversial decision to rid a Tom Ford fragrance ad starring Cara Delevingne from appearing within 100 meters of any school in the country, the UK has just steamrolled over an ad campaign by Miu Miu for “inappropriately sexualizing a model.”

The ad in question was for Miu Miu’s SS15 campaign shot by Steven Meisel and features Mia Goth reclining on a minimally decorated bed in a sparse room. The shot is captured through a doorframe, giving the impression that the spectator is peeping, yet any dirtiness is dissuaded by the fully, if not heavily, clothed Goth.

Nevertheless, it was not met with approval by the formidable Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), who argued in their ruling that it “could give the impression that it presented a child in a sexualized way.” Both British Vogue, where the ad was run in a dual page spread, and Miu Miu’s parent company Prada stressed the fact that Goth is a 22 year old adult, but the board of censors persisted that it did not give that impression based on her “minimal makeup” and “oversized clothing.”

If that line of reasoning seems subjective, it might come as a surprise as to how this ruling was even reached. WWD reports that the ASA made their decision on the case based solely on one anonymous complaint, and they have subsequently pressed for the ad’s removal entirely throughout the UK.

We were perturbed by the removal of the Tom Ford/Cara Delevingne ad earlier this week, but this decision continues to raise questions as to just who is complaining about these ads, and why a single anonymous complaint can issue a widespread removal for everyone else that remains non-offended. Note to fashion makers everywhere: be careful what you photograph, the British ad council is watching with a closer eye than everyone else.

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