Check out the most popular drugs at these music festivals

Say good-bye to neon lights, and sauntering close bodies -the days of club kids have been replaced with the festival goers. Nowadays, if there’s a music festival going on there’s definitely going to be drugs involved, and with the growing popularity of festivals, many are cracking down on drug usage. There have been pushes for more sniff-dogs and age minimums, so get those scannable ID’s out. After heeding that warning, let’s cut to the interesting part, which drugs are most common and at which festivals?

In a study done by the most commonly used drugs are shown for different music festivals. They used Instagram to gather the data, (which could result in some partially faulty details), collating from posts that mentioned drugs and other substances. Despite this flaw, it’s still interesting. The leading drugs of choice seem to be alcohol and marijuana with pills and mescaline in the lowest percentiles. Shrooms and LSD are used most at Burning Man, of course. As a matter of fact, almost every drug category on the graph has Burning Man under it, surprise, surprise.

Check out the infographic to see if your festival-drug made the cut!

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