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About Last Night: S|2 x Drake, From Sotheby's to the Milk Jam Room

Sotheby’s S2 wing transformed the way we experience art last night, as viewers across various circles came out to celebrate their highly anticipated collaboration with Drake, who also helped host the event. I Like It Like This pays homage to contemporary black American artists as their artwork adorned the walls, while little Beats by Dre stations were positioned in front of them, each playing a different song selected by Drake to accompany the piece. As guests were drawn to specific pieces, they quickly put the headphones on, and caught a glimpse of the overlapping between these visual and auditory mediums. Drake’s contribution was an initiative to remind us of the positive relationship between music and palpable art – and it worked.

The pieces themselves were as colorful as the moments of time they transcend, upon entering the space, patrons were greeted by Nick Cave’s, ‘Soundsuit,’ an overwhelmingly tall floral-figure sculpture, adorned in painted metal, brass, and of course, fabric. David Hammons’, ‘Untitled (The Embrace)’ a vast and ghostly image of a couple holding one another wearing floral and traditional robes stood opposite of Cave’s sculpture, with the aptly titled track, ‘All For Love’ by Josh Xantus ft. Jadakiss playing before it. Other artwork showcased belonged to many esteemed creative, like our man Kehinde Wiley, the multi-media wielding Kara Walker, and Lorna Simpson. Naturally, the collection would not be complete without the four works by the infamous Jean-Michel Basquiat on display.

As for the best art/music pairing of the evening, that could be found on the wall dedicated to the femmes. Supporting Mickalene Thomas’ painting of a sensually gazing afro-diva titled, ‘Study For As If You Read My Mind,’ and Lorna Simpson’s, ‘Portrait’ with the words ‘they tried to whisper sweet nothing’ written on a plaque below, was none other than Rihanna’s boastful track, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’ That’s right ladies.

For those who weren’t into sharing headphones, downtown home-girl Vashtie was spinning all our favorite jams by the Champagne Papi, and more. Also found traversing the space were Michael Strahan, Michael Avedon, Jiajia Fei, Hanne Gaby Odiele, DJ Cassidy, Jacquelyn Jablonski, and Swizz Beatz.

The celebration wouldn’t have been complete without an after-party of course hosted by us at the Milk Jam Room, where Dj Deemehlow kicked off the dance floor until Vashtie swung down from Sotheby’s to continue her bass-bumping set, filled with old school girl jams, to some 90’s dancehall reggae. Getting down hard on the dance floor in honor of I Like It Like This were models Binx Walton, and Lexi Boling, as well as Chelsea Leyland, Brandee Brown, Heron Preston, Harif Guzman, and a bounty of other Sotheby’s attendees.

S2 x Drake, I Like It Like This is available for public view at Sotheby’s until June 12, 2015

Photographs shot exclusively for Milk Made by Andrew Boyle

Read our exclusive interview with Kehinde Wiley here

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