Broad City Is Headed to the Big Screen

Broad City, the show that’s created the biggest New York cultural splash since Lena Dunham’s Girls, may just be getting bigger. With a third season already in pre-production (airing January 2016), the pair behind the sitcom could be planning further takeover with talk of a movie in the works.

Broad City, a project from Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson that went from YouTube to being produced by Amy Poehler for Comedy Central, instantly won over critics and audiences alike in two short seasons. Their candid and deliciously vulgar portrayal of twenty-something life in Brooklyn is as refreshing as it is hilarious and highlights the less glamorous aspects of city living that the media often ignores.

The stars and new Brooklyn icons have teamed up with director Paul Feig (responsible for Freaks and Geeks and the highly anticipated female-driven Ghostbusters) on a new movie project, according to THR. The somewhat secret project has just been sold to Twentieth Century Fox and although no direct affiliation with the hit series has been reported, this seems like a dream trio. With Feig’s experience working with funny women like Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig combined with the hilarious and so quotable chemistry between Glazer and Jacobson, anything that comes out of this should be solid gold. But for now, we’ll get our Ilana and Abbi fix from re-runs (for those who still own a TV), illegal online streaming, and/or Hulu.

Photo by Elizabeth Renstrom.

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