The Puptacular Artistic Talents of Stray Dogs in Brazil

Sit. Stay. Paint. At least that’s what the dogs of the Procure1Amigo shelter are trained to do. The Canismo initiative, a Brazilian art movement, is working to raise awareness about the vast number of stray dogs roaming the streets of Brazil by enlisting homeless dogs to paint.

The homeless dogs, or artists we should say, made 18 unique masterpieces using the splatter-paint technique made famous by Jackson Pollock. The dogs, which were covered in spray paint, whipped their fur back and forth, shaking the paint onto nearby canvases. Canismo explains, "The shake of the paint reveals a remarkable exercise of freedom, where each drop of ink bears the stain of prejudice."

But, before PETA gets too rowdy, Canismo ensures that this art project is entirely safe for the dogs. Canismo developed a special type of non-toxic paint for the dogs to use that is made of corn starch and food coloring so that the paint is not only harmless, but edible too.

The puptacular paintings will be on exhibit at Sao Paulo’s Perestroika starting May 9th where the paintings will be for sale. And if you love the art enough, the artists are featured on the Procure1Amigo
site for adoption. Take your pick. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the new owner of the next Pupcasso.

Photos courtesy of Canismo

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