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1/8 — It doesn't get more chic than 1950's cat eye sunglasses



Go See Frida Kahlo's Personal Possessions at New Exhibit

Any fan of Frida Kahlo knows her by her eclectic and vibrant style from her gorgeous series of self portraits. Well soon, you’ll be able to get that much closer to the feisty Frida as a photo series of her personal possessions, taken by Japanese photographer Miyako Ishiuchi, will be on display at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. Items like Frida’s fierce cat eye sunglasses, bright nail polishes, dresses, stockings, shoes, and even a prosthetic leg she used after her traumatic bus accident in 1925 that forced her to undergo over 30 surgeries, lose her leg, and reframed her art to focus on the body.

This is the first time these items have seen the light of day in over 60 years. After Kahlo died in 1954, fellow artist and husband, Diego Rivera locked the over 300 item collection away, saying that the room could only be opened 15 years after his death, which came shortly after in 1957. The room wasn’t opened until 2004, and Miyako wasn’t asked to photograph the contents until 2011. Finally though, we can see and appreciate Frida for the fastidious fashionista that she was, and see a more intimate side of the artist than the one gleaned from her imagery alone.

The images are a gentle and careful documentation of one of the strongest artists ever known, and a huge icon in the modern history of disability. Despite her life altering accident, Frida Kahlo let nothing stop her art, or her sense of style. We’re so excited to have her flair and vivaciousness so beautifully catalogued after so long.

You can view the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Michael Hoppen Gallery from May 14th – June 2nd

All photos courtesy of Miyako Ishiuchi

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