Sex Museum Offers Monica Lewinsky $1M for Little Blue Dress

There’s an oft repeated saying in fashion that one has to ‘sell the garment’ when wearing it. For Monica Lewinsky and her controversial little blue dress, the phrase rings true now more than ever, even if the garment has been in storage for the past two decades. The dress that launched a thousand think-pieces has currently garnered an offer from an erotic museum for the cool sum of a million dollars.

The dress in question was one of the more famous pieces of evidence to come up during the investigation of her highly publicized affair with Bill Clinton. During her tenure as a White House intern for Clinton’s presidency, all manner of sordid events supposedly went down behind the closed doors of the Oval Office, but few pieces of concrete evidence existed beyond the blue dress. She was ordered not to dry-clean the dress during the investigation, as it later tested positive for certain bodily fluids belonging to a certain President.

We have no clue what’s happened to the infamous item of clothing since Clinton left office, other then getting a great shout out in a Beyonce song, but the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas has certainly been thinking about it. They have offered to purchase the dress from Lewinsky in the past, offering up to $250,000, but the stakes are higher than ever with their million dollar bid. The executive director of the museum has justified their claim in pursuing the dress for it use in “examining the private relationships of people in power, gender dynamics and politics.”

Lewinsky had previously hinted that she had hoped to “bury that blue dress,” forever ridding herself of the evidence of the one of the world’s most notorious affairs, so the Erotic Heritage Museum’s current bid seems inherently opposite to her wishes. But on the other hand, as lascivious as it may be, the dress has become a part of the rich fabric of America’s cultural history. Let’s just hope they sanitize it before presenting it to posterity.

Check out the Erotic Heritage Museum’s website here

Images courtesy of Associated Press

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