Premiere: Terrible Records Maze Mix w/ Junglepussy + Bunny Michael

Whenever we hear the name Terrible Records, our ears begin to perk up real quick. The label is home to some of the most innovative, artistic, and talented artists working right now, from Blood Orange to Chairlift to Solange. Needless to say, we are beyond excited to be the first to share a new mix highlighting some of the label’s emerging artists, some of which are already in our list of favorites.

The mix, titled Maze Mix 1, has been crafted in preparation for a Terrible Records performance at The Maze Festival (also known as the You Are Here Festival created by the artist group Trouble) this weekend in NYC, moving to Chicago later in the month. The artists featured in the mix, Junglepussy, Diamond Terrifier, Bunny Michael, and N-A-R-C, will all be taking the labyrinthine stage to serve funkified, hard-partying realness this weekend.

Though only three songs long, the Maze Mix 1 is a cohesive listening experience that practically explodes out of your speaker. Beginning with two brand new tracks, Diamond Terrifier’s ‘Babylon Girlfriend’ (featuring Bunny Michael) and N-A-R-C’s ‘Work’, followed by a rousing finish with Junglepussy and her stoned-out banger ‘Me.’ It provides a perfect tasting of the sound of Terrible Records, as well as a good indication of what to expect from a festival set in the warm, summer sun this weekend.

Milk Made’s Jake Boyer to Bunny Michael about the brand new track by Diamond Terrifier that she’s featured in, as well as what we can expect from her performance this weekend.

Tell us a little about this track ‘Babylon Girlfriend’. What inspirations went into your verse?

When I first heard the track I visualized myself in a magical jungle, which reminded me a lot of taking plant medicines. The verse is about drinking a magical juice "yellow ether" and having hallucinations about my connection to earth energy and celebrating my own animal instincts.

How did the collaboration with Diamond Terrifier come about?

I met Diamond Terrifier through Michael Beharie. We are working on my new record right now and starting a new band called El Sandwich: me, Michael Beharie and Bruno Coviello formerly of Light Asylum.

What usually comes first for you, the rap or the beat? Both at once?

What inspires me to write is the exploration of self and the witness of self. Normally I hear a beat and really focus on how it makes my body feel rather than my own thoughts or a conceptual idea and write from a place that channels from within.

What can we expect from your festival set this weekend?

In this festival performance, I hope to move people to feel their own awesomeness and to sweat and to scream.

Check out the Maze Festival’s website here

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