Spike Lee Just Cast Kanye in His New Movie

Yeezy fans that have been eagerly awaiting his new album (which still has no release date), are about to hear some great, and admittedly unexpected, news. Kanye West will star in Spike Lee’s upcoming film, Chiraq. The film will also be produced by Amazon as a musical comedy reimagining the ancient Greek story Lysistrata. Along with West, the cast will feature Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack and Jennifer Hudson.

For those that don’t remember that tenth grade English class, Lysistrata is a comedy written by Aristophanes in which all the women in Greece refuse to have sex until the men end the Peloponnesian War. In Lee’s version, the women are trying to stop gang violence on the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood. The title, which associates the city with the military violence in Iraq, has gotten some backlash from Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel said, “I told him also that there are very good people that live in Englewood who are raising their family and there’s a lot of positive things that are happening in Englewood mainly driven by the people that make up Englewood.” Lee has made no comment back.

Despite the quality of Spike Lee’s last couple of films (because let’s be honest, no one exactly raved about Lee’s latest film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus), we’re pretty excited about the release. Plus, seeing Yeezy’s debut acting role in a West Side Story-esque musical is exactly something that we’ve been wanting to hear from the artist for some time now. Who wouldn’t love a good ancient Greek musical featuring gang violence and Kanye anyway?

Stay alert for the film’s release, which is said to hit theaters despite the Amazon ties.

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