India Salvör Menuez: Your All in One Performance Artist

We’re still savoring the glow of our recent Milk Made x Frank 151 collaboration, a partnership that saw us curate a shoot dedicated to a bevy of six female creatives producing powerful work in their respective disciplines. With this first feature, we got personal with India Salvör Menuez, a performance artist who has a hand in nearly every aspect of artistic endeavors.

Name: India Salvör Menuez

Age: 21

Occupation: Performance Artist

Where are you from? Born and raised in NYC.

Aside from lending your beautiful self to a plethora of modeling jobs since childhood, you’re also involved in tons of your own creative projects, from photography, to lots of performance-art-style pieces, to a recurring slot at Know-Wave radio. Tell us a bit more about those—what would you say your most preferred method of expression is?

For me modeling is more a service I do to make images I believe in happen or simply to make a living; it is rarely a place for me to express myself. I express myself in two ways—publicly and privately. The public expression is mostly my acting and performance work. This kind of work is really cathartic and satisfying in how it reaches an audience and creates the potential to start (or continue) a dialogue. The private expression is my studio practice: drawing, painting, pottery…any medium I can get my hands on and that responds to my hands once in them. Of course the private always has the potential to move into the public, like the film I wrote and shot with my dear friend and director Maiko Endo; that was years of private correspondence and experimentation that when finished later this year will become public. That project is titled "Technology." The "You Who" music project with Brian Close is similar too—we just released our first record with STD (Save The Day) entitled "Score" which came from just hanging out and jamming.

What about any exciting new stuff you’re working on for the year ahead?

More performance work exploring a character I just recently came up with, Chibi Cherry, who is focused more on movement. Doing Chibi Cherry related stuff with Fluct, ARP, and Mike & Claire. And I’m finishing a video piece Claire Christerson and I made together about baby dolls and devil girls. I’m also writing my second feature film in collaboration with Adinah Dancyger and Victoria Cronin. Working on some etching collaborations with my partner Jack Shannon and helping to document "baby skin" dance collective on their fall residency in Iceland.

Describe (your idea of) femininity in three words:

A certain softness.

Who’s your all-time favorite style icon or influence? Could be any person, place, or thing:


Photography by Adrian Mesko

Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Styled by Miyako Bellizzi

Hair by Eloise Cheung

Make Up by Yacine Diallo

Stay tuned for more features from our Milk x Frank collaboration, check out the new issue of Frank 151 to see them all in print

Visit India’s website here

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