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About Last Night: Tim Richardson Serves Sci-Fi Realness

Tim Richardson’s Spiritual Machine has taken over the Milk Gallery. We celebrated the exhibition’s opening last night, where friends and fam such as Nora Vai, Audrey Kitching, K$ace, Guinevere van Seenus, and JZ Radical came down to examine Richardson’s futuristically primitive works. Primarily focused on a fierce slew of female subjects and movement of the body, the images found on the walls are incredibly hi-def, fluorescent in color, and reveal the emotive possibilities that can be explored through technologically playful image creation.

Beyond the hyper-styled and pigmented shots of Brooke Candy, Rinko Kikuchi, and Tao Okamoto, the star of the night, (aside from Richardson himself) was muse Guinevere van Seenus, whose body could be found emerging out of crystalline clothing across three video screens in the middle of the gallery. Richardson, also recognized for his directorial work in various fashion commercials, and short films, described how this ultra Sci-Fi mini came to fruition.

“This is animation and a mixture of 3-D scanning. When I did my first shoot with Guinevere, we ended up doing some 3-D scans of her at the same time. We scanned her to get her face and her body, and then I created the animation after with a company called Framestall who did a lot of the special effects for Gravity and produced really beautiful and amazing work. I basically had this idea of her being this kind of glass couture creature. You can see some Alien references, Prometheus and a few other things. I wanted to take some of that darkness and bring a bit of life to it. It’s almost prismatic and crystal or gem-like.”

Watching the short film, it’s easy to become entranced by the waves and ribbons Guinevere creates around her body as she evolves into an animated goddess in Liquid Couture. Richardson touches more on this theme, “This is actually my futurist take on what clothing is. It’s like she’s emerging from this crystal clothing. What you’re seeing right now is called motion-capture. When you record someone, it records their performance, which gives you their spatial expression and records how they move through a space. So the reason this is called Liquid Couture, is because I wanted the body to create the clothing. Her movement actually creates these beautiful forms around her, and creates this really liquid fashion; that’s why there are these really beautiful rhythms and this really liquidy moment.”

Spiritual Machine will be on display at Milk Gallery until May 31st

Purchase a copy of Tim Richardson’s Spiritual Machine book [here]( http://store.milkmade.com/collections/vendors?q=Tim%20Richardson)

Photography by Zlatko Batistich

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