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Eli Reed Talks New OC Collab 'Spring Love' & Being an Old Soul

The look book for Eli Reed’s first full collection for Opening Ceremony, called Spring Love, encapsulates what the ideal spring looks like. With a light color palette and tailored, yet loose clothing, the pieces make the transition from cold weather to warm weather easier to deal with. A professional skater with a soft spot for checkered prints, Reed has been collaborating with OC since 2011, creating printed socks and t-shirts, however this is his first full collection – comprised of work wear inspired pants, Americana influenced pieces, and even an ‘Ass’ shirt we can’t take our minds off of.

Milk Made’s Ana Velasco talked to Reed about the rebirth of spring, the timelessness of Westerns, and what the best skate city is.

This is your first full collection, but you’ve collaborated with Opening Ceremony before. How has the process been different from creating only a few pieces to creating a full collection?

Yeah it’s definitely different, a lot more goes into it. You gotta put more time into it, really. But it’s fun, in a sense, as well. A lot of ideas that I had just kind of lingering, I finally get to put together and make them. It took a little bit more time but it’s just a little bit more work, really. And it seems like the reactions have been going really well so it’s worth it.

You named the collection ‘Spring Love.’ What does spring mean to you and what is your favorite part about spring?

Spring is kind of like a new start, you know? It’s kind of like that new year’s feeling that you get, but I feel like it’s the first time of the year that you can feel that warmth. Every day gets warmer and it’s just a new start. The feeling that I had was spring love. I got to spend some time around the kid that I had model for it, and just his vibe, and getting inspiration from things around me – to look around and see what’s out there and shooting him in his own vibe. I put him in the environment I wanted to but I knew it was going to be very natural, just capturing his love drunk.

As far as location, I used to live in the LES next to all of those places and I always wanted to shoot around there, and then the spring love part, I just wanted to capture something like that. I had these images of a boy and a girl holding hands on a skateboard, things like that that I had had in my head for a while. And he just looks so great, and the girl looks great, so it just came together.

You were inspired by Americana and Western work wear…

Yeah, I mean when people get to know me they see I’m kind of an old soul, and it comes out. I love all the old Western stuff, so I mean I really just did one piece from that but even the fit with the pants is classic work wear. Most work wear, like securities and other types, they always have the stripe down the pants but I just flipped it with the nice checkers because I’m just a fan of checkers.

Well seeing as you’re an old soul, what do these types of American culture signify to you? Is it a timelessness or more like a nostalgia that draws you to them?

It’s more of a timeless feel. I never really live in a time of today. It’s just however I feel. A lot of the time, I just go for the classics. I feel like I was born in the 30’s or 60’s. I usually wake up and listen to oldies.

What first drew you to Opening Ceremony?

I do like the idea of taking a classic fashion piece and redoing it. I understand what goes on there and their collective view. They keep their store stocked with a large range of brands, from high-end to low-end.

When you design clothes do you think about how the material will fit in terms of skateboarding?

Overall, I separate it from skateboarding. But sometimes it kind of goes hand-in-hand—at least for the pants. I spent a lot of time wearing Dickies. I kind of made my pants with a similar cut.

What’s your favorite city to skate in?

I think China’s great but my favorite place to skate is still New York. It’s such a freeing feeling.

Is it more fun for you skate in the streets or bowls/parks?

I’d say the streets because there’s so much going on. The streets are a skater’s runway.

Who are your favorite classic skaters?

Mark Gonzales, Jason Jessee, and Rodney Mullen.


Zered Bassett, Anthony Pappalardo, and Aaron Herrington.

If you could sum up your collection with one song what would it be?

Maybe some classic song by The Supremes.

Spring Love look book shot by: Dan Regan

Styling: Heather Mary Jackson

Model: Isa Tineo

You can buy the collection here

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