Self-Driving Cars Are Taking Themselves to The Streets

"Look ma, no hands!” is what we’ll be exclaiming this summer thanks to Google and their visionary engineers. This morning, the search engine turned tech powerhouse announced via their blog
that their self-driving car will be exclusively out for test-run this summer in Mountain View, California.

Those in Northern California may be able to catch an exclusive glimpse of the smartcar sized prototypes ridin’ dirty in the Cali sun. But don’t worry, because they won’t be ridin’ too dirty. To ensure their safety, Google has implemented a maximum speed of 25 mph.

In case you don’t want to let the car do all the work, the cars are also equipped with removable steering wheels, accelerator pedals and brake pedals. While the vehicles will be driving themselves, every car will be stationed with Google’s very own ‘human safety drivers.’

Google explained that their goal behind the project was to design a vehicle “that could shoulder the entire burden of driving” and create an efficient and safe driving experience.

So while we may be a few years off from flying cars, at least we’ll have someone to blame for our next parking ticket. "It’s the cars fault, I swear!"

Photos courtesy of Google

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