An Ecstasy Pop-Up Shop is Now Open in Amsterdam

There are plenty of great ways to make a statement, but opening a pop-up shop for ecstasy just may be the best way. Amsterdam, the city that has the international street-cred of the most party-hardy city out there, is now home to a fully-functioning ecstasy store that opened its doors for business this morning. The catch? It’s only open today, and it’s but a preview of things to come.

At least it will be if the owners get their way. The store is being run by a political youth organization called D66, the Dutch Liberal Democrats, who are running the store for 24 hours as a demonstration of the need to decriminalize ecstasy. Calling the store MDMJA (a pun that incorporates the Dutch word for ‘yes’ into MDMA), they are selling a variety of colorful, candy-like pills that are, sadly, only placebos. Spending money on ‘fake ecstasy’ may seem a waste of time, but it’s vital for those that are passionate about ending government regulation of drugs to attend the store’s grand opening.

D66 hopes to demonstrate through their store precisely how selling legal drugs would work. They would be able to oversee sales to each customer, thus eliminating the hazard of overdose, sell quality product to eschew fear of toxicity, and educate customers on the risks of enjoying the fuzzy warm highs of MDMA. Literature is being handed out throughout the day in addition to a petition, which if it garners 40,000 signatures will be a mandatory issue brought before the Dutch parliament.

Like any other drug, ecstasy use has not been deterred by any government crackdown, nor does it show any signs of waning in its popularity. A project like MDMJA could pose a solution for legalization. With the right amount of regulation, could it be an indulgence that’s fun to to enjoy safely, and moderately? And in addition, is there a better place on this Earth for a trial run of legal ecstasy than Amsterdam?

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