This Doggy Camera is our new favorite thing

After the launch of Instagram in 2010, it seemed like everyone could be a photographer. However, a new camera development is proving that this doesn’t only apply to humans. The Heartography project, the latest Nikon campaign that aims to connect emotions to photos, is embracing a new user for quick photography – dogs.

At the forefront of this movement is Grizzler, the face of the project and the first internet-recognized ‘phodographer,’ which is exactly what it sounds like. The video features his candid, unfiltered shots of cats, flowers and of course, other dogs.

The technology, a camera mounted on a strap and worn like a harness, monitors the dog’s heart activity and notes any sudden changes. Once the dog’s heart rate increases, likely due to excitement, the camera snaps a picture. A perfectly simple concept that gets us one step closer to knowing what our dogs are thinking.

This is the moment that people who make social media accounts for their pets have been waiting for. Unfortunately, Nikon hasn’t revealed any plans to release the camera to the public. But it’s highly likely that a Kickstarter campaign is imminent for dog lovers everywhere. Paws up.

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