Miyako Bellizzi: Our Crafty Cali Crush

Next in our Milk Made x FRANK series is Miyako Bellizzi, one of six female creatives producing powerful work in their respective mediums. The Californian native shows us how she’s been able to take her inherent sense of style and captivate us with compelling images. Whether she’s styling, taking photos or designing jewelry, Bellizzi’s unique sensibility and innovative vision prove that she’s one of a kind.

Name: Miyako Bellizzi

Age: 26

Occupation: Stylist/Photographer

Where are you from? Oakland, CA

Aside from styling, you also take beautiful photos and create amazing pieces of jewelry that really reflect your personal style. Is there one creative endeavor you lean to more than the others, or is it a little balance of everything?

I try to keep a balance of all three but it can be very difficult at times! I’m really passionate about photography, however my styling jobs take over as the career I’m pursuing. Making jewelry has always been really fun for me and has been receiving a lot of attention recently. All three tend to mesh together well and it’s really satisfying to combine all my interests into what I do.

Your jewelry has this awesome ’90s grunge/punk vibe that you emulate so effortlessly. Tell us about the influences behind your personal style and how you began making jewelry.

I started making my dice chains about five years ago as I was always looking for jewelry I liked, but could never find anything. I’m really picky and hate feminine necklaces– it’s just not me. I always have to incorporate an element of punk in my everyday uniform and I’m really into heavy chains and hardware. So I would go to my favorite hardware stores and fuck around with what they had there. I’ve always been a big fan of dice and started in high school when we’d shoot dice in the hallway during lunch or on the sidewalk while smoking blunts on the street after school. These dice chains are the perfect combination of where I came from to the style I adopted once I moved to NYC. I didn’t come from money so I learned early on that I would have to create what I wanted in the way I could because I knew I could never afford to buy it. That’s where my creativity within my personal style and my jewelry came to be what it is now. It’s about using the resources I had to create how I wanted to present myself to the world.

You’ve also put out and worked on a bunch of zines in the last few years, mostly compiled of your own photos and some found images. Any plans to branch out with that further in the near future?

Most def. I love zines and think they are the best way to share work in a tangible, affordable way. I’m forever taking photos and find it so gratifying that I can share with people that appreciate them. I’ve been working on a few photo series and have a few zines in the works right now. As far as taking it up a notch, I’ve been working on a photo book for the last few years that I plan on releasing later in life. As far as right now goes, zines are for me.

Describe your idea of femininity in three words:

Gracious, Compassionate, Dynamic

Who’s your all-time favorite style icon or influence?

My Mother

Photography by Adrian Mesko

Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Styled by Miyako Bellizzi

Hair by Eloise Cheung

Make Up by Yacine Diallo

Stay tuned for more features from our Milk x Frank collaboration, check out the new issue of Frank 151 to see them all in print

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