Silicon Valley Fashion Week? Yes, It’s Real

Last week, everyone got a little confused when invites started circulating for an event called Silicon Valley Fashion Week?, in San Francisco. What kind of fashion week questions itself? The kind headed by Chris Lindland, founder and CEO of Betabrand, an app start up focused on crowdsourcing fashion pieces. Lindland, who planned the show as a marketing event for the startup, confessed to The Cut, “The question mark allowed us to have a fallback in case nobody showed up.” Well, the event sold out anyway, either out of genuine interest in how new tech will be integrated into the fashion world, or a morbid curiosity for how many different ways one can pull off the staple khaki and hoodie ensemble that the Valley is known for.

What was delivered was completely different from what anyone expected, and also exactly what everyone expected. Each night had a theme, and its own wild performance. Tuesday night was ‘commuter wear’ and featured an acrobatic cyclist act. Wednesday was the big night headlining ‘wearable tech’ and dancers. Thursday night showed off ‘funded fashion’ and an opera performance. The catwalk was full of drones, LED lights and 3D printed ensembles that were not only fashion forward, but so futuristic looking that most of them belonged in Ex Machina.

While there wasn’t much in the department of actual technologically advanced clothing, the fashion week definitely created an interesting spectacle for people in both the fashion world and tech world. Even if the show was just a marketing bump, we loved the sci fi-esque aspect of the clothing. So what’s up Silicon Valley Fashion Week, we’re ready for next year if you are.

All photos courtesy of Joshua Cobos

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