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About Last Night: Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear

Last night at the Milk JamRoom, things were a little different. While notorious for the bangers and ragers usually thrown, the JamRoom got intimate as Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear played an acoustic set from their debut album Skeleton Crew. Madisen Ward himself even commented on the combo, noting the naked lady collages lining the walls and telling Mama Bear ‘Don’t look!’ Armed with only their guitars and their voices, the mother and son duo gave us a show to remember, playing slower ballads like “Daisy Jane”, covering Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Dreams” in honor of the late BB King, and topping off the show with the rousing fave “Yellow Taxi”. The candlelit, unplugged atmosphere felt even more comfortable with the row of people sitting right in front of the stage and swaying to the groove. The only thing missing was someone taking out their lighter during the Fleetwood Mac cover.

After the performance, everyone came up the congratulate the duo for their hypnotizing performance. DJ Alix Brown stepped up to spin and kept the room rocking late into the night. Throughout the fun, friends like David Beckham, Liv Tyler, Trigga Hendrix and Dubby Wap came by to hang out and relax, along with Milk staples like Jamie Burke, and Urban Bush Babes who came to play. While the night was calmer than the usual scene, the music was killer, the vibe was infectious and everyone can agree, both Madisen and Mama Bear know how to electrify the room.

Photos by Drew Levin

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