Ride Da Funk with Daft Punk Designed Skateboards

The French electronic duo Daft Punk have certainly accomplished a great deal in their tenure as robot dance overlords. From essentially inventing what we now know as EDM to recently winning the Grammy album of the year, they can now officially add skateboard designer to their list of accomplishments.

Thomas Bangalter (silver helmet) and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (gold helmet) have teamed up with French designers Hervet-Manufacturier, sparking the release of Cruise Control, a limited edition skateboard collection. The boards are available in two groovy Daft-approved colors—70’s tinged orange and blue hues.

Made up of molded beechwood and intricately laminated with Formica on both sides, you’re definitely in for a dope ride. They’re on the market for $280, but you’ll probably have to hit eBay to find yours. With only 25 units available per colorway, the hot handle boards are officially sold out on the Daft site.

Check out a few of their other goods here

Images courtesy of Daft Punk

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