HBD Morrissey + Our Top 5 Sad Boy Singers

Happy happy birthday to everyone’s favorite melancholic spirit animal Steven Morrissey! Once lead singer of the UK synth pop band The Smiths, now animal rights activist and t-shirt enthusiast, there’s no one that captures our blues quite like Morrissey. With tracks like ‘Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want’, ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’ and ‘Barbarism Begins At Home’, Morrissey understands the suffering that comes along with living for both human and animal. In honor of the crooners 56th, here’s our list of the Top 5 Sad Boys Singers for when you go home and cry and you want to die.

James Murphy

The front man and lyricist of our favorite (and now disbanded) electronic rock pioneers, LCD Soundsystem, has a knack for giving us feels in the danciest way possible. You can’t write a line like ‘Love is open book to a verse of your bad poetry/ And this is coming from me’ and not make it into the sad boys club. The king of music nerdboys knows how to angst hard about hipsters, pop music, and the girls that make our sad boys sad. James knows exactly how to bring out our deepest insecurities with his words, and then make us dance to it anyway.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver, named after the French word for ‘winter’, has personified all our seasonal woes in his melancholic anthems. Though Bon Iver may be a one man band, their frontman Justin Vernon has managed to grasp our whole generation’s lonely and restless souls into his electrifying falsetto voice. The indie folk band’s choir-like sound swallows our broken hearts and dreary regrets and releases a sea of catharsis that can saturate a room any size.

Lou Reed

No introspective road trip or coming-of-age film is complete without the stylings of our favorite Long Island born rocker, Lou Reed. Both as a solo performer and band mate, the late Velvet Underground frontman has managed to capture all of our less than perfect emotions and sulk in our anguish. The OG sad boy has been a pivotal part of our emotional growth by forcing us to confront our bottled up sorrows and lifting us up with his vacant yet spirited tone of voice.

James Blake

What’s a sulking walk alone without James Blake’s bass blasting in your earbuds? The indie synth British boy’s music rolls over like a fog, and before you know it, you’re Facebook stalking your ex with a glass of whiskey in hand. He’s a slow building sad, but once you get to Blake’s dissonant beat drop, the flood gates can’t help but open up. The tall, skinny, trench coat wearing master of unfulfilled yearning definitely deserves his spot today.


‘I pop bottles because I bottle my emotions.’ What does our favorite sensitive thug Drizzy do when he isn’t running through the 6? While the party girls are dranking (watermelon), the sad boys are “Draking.” Drake’s the staple of modernized sad boy culture. Who else can woo, coo, and stunt in the same song? From love ballads, to ex disses, and other rappers’ hits and misses, Drake’s harmonious undertones accompanied with bass and rhymes have definitely landed him the spot as the real MVP of sad. Just as a reminder to himself, he wears every single chain even when he’s in the house.

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