Trace the History of Fendi by Lagerfeld in Interactive Book

There are few figures in the world of fashion as enigmatic, talented, and fiercely original as Karl Lagerfeld. While nowadays he jumps into the headlines in relation to his role as creative director of Chanel, many forget that he holds the same position at Fendi, the fur-oriented house that he first became involved with a full two decades before he joined the ranks of Chanel. This enormous legacy is now being documented in an all inclusive, multi-platform book, effectively titled Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld.

Announced at Cannes shortly before the film festival wrapped up over the weekend, Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld works simultaneously as a written history of the 50 year love affair between fashion house and designer and a deluxe gift box filled with interactive examples of the fruits of the legendary partnership. In addition to the text, each box includes a scrapbook with over 200 sketches by Lagerfeld charting the various directions of the house in its history, a pamphlet containing a Q and A with Lagerfeld on the evolution of his relationship, and—perhaps most excitingly—a USB stick full of prerecorded videos of Lagerfeld personally speaking to the camera as he sketches his favorite items from his tenure at Fendi.

The book/box set is being released worldwide this July, but the infamously aloof Lagerfeld has already revealed his thoughts on the release. “I’m very much against these kinds of celebrations,” he said in an interview with WWD, attempting to make light of the book’s boast of tracking the ‘longest relationship in history between a designer and a fashion brand.’ “I personally don’t care,” he continued, “For me, what’s important is now and tomorrow.” While we admire his forward thinking nature, we can’t help but disagree with some of his statements. If anyone deserves a celebration of this scope and probing depth, it’s him.

‘Fendi by Lagerfeld’ will be available in all Fendi boutiques and bookstores world wide in July

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