A Haunted Church Gucci Mane Art Installation Comes to ATL

Deep in the heart of East Atlanta Zone 6, the finishing touches are being applied to what can only be described as a weed-fueled dream event for Gucci Mane fans and art lovers with a weakness for hallucinogens. On Saturday, previously unreleased photographs of Gucci Mane will be unveiled in an interactive art performance within the walls of an abandoned church.

Local ATL rap photographer Cam Kirk created the event, called Trap God, as a platform to showcase his collection of never-before-seen photos of Gucci Mane he has taken since 2012. The free event was originally set to take place in a trap house in East Atlanta but was raided a few days before the announcement. After some searching, an abandoned church being converted into a house was chosen as the new location. Mixing pews and alters with a kitchen and bedrooms provided the ultimate Trap God vibe.

Opting out of a traditional gallery opening for the photos, Cam plans to include live-action elements to help bring the photos to life. “It’s going to be more of an installation…it’s not going to be strictly about my photography. I’ve got actors in there; they’re going to play certain roles when you walk in,” he told Mass Appeal, “So it’s going to take shape of like a haunted house feeling, where you walk in and there are different things to experience. It should feel like you literally walked in to the house of the Trap God.”

Sponsored by LRG Clothing and 20 Grand Vodka, the six-hour event on May 30 may be the strangest melding of spiritual swag and performance art this year.

If you are in the ATL area, you can RSVP to the free exhibit by emailing [email protected]

Photography by Cam Kirk.

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