The Low Down on Jamie xx’s Visual Album

If you haven’t heard, everyone is getting super hyped for Jamie xx’s first solo album. The member of the former OG indie rock band, The xx, will be dropping his debut album, In Colour, on June 1st via Young Turks. On top of that, the record will have a visual aspect to it, much like the glorious album drop by Beyonce in 2013. Only five tracks off the eleven song album are streaming on iTunes right now, four of which have ethereal videos, released all throughout the month. We’re here to break it all down now:


The first song off of the album is the immediate revved up bass we’ve been waiting for from this album. The whole track has us screaming its only lyrics, ‘Oh my gosh!’ In the video, we slowly zoom in to a dusty Earth-esque planet, along with a satellite, circling it’s canyons and cities until it’s finally eclipsed. The glittering lights from whatever civilization Jamie xx has dreamed up makes us want to groove to the beat all night. And we can’t forget to mention that theremin though.

Sleep Sound

Sleep Sound is exactly that, a longer (clocking in at almost 8 minutes), dreamy lounge track that you can sway your hips to, or hangout and chill. The video was conceived by London based Sofia Mattioli after a deaf woman saw her dancing on the subway and told her that she could almost feel the music by Mattioli’s movements. This inspired her bring thirteen members of Manchester Deaf Center, ranging from five to twenty-seven, to appear in the music video. They danced along with Mattioli by feeling the vibrations of the song. It’s a precious view of the power of music, and we love the inclusion of the deaf community too!

Loud Places

The return of Queen Romy, the effervescent fairy voice of The xx, on this track makes us so nostalgic for the band’s sound. Not to mention, she’s backed by a choir. The video brings us right back to the underground romance of VCR, with Jamie and Romy skating through London. The song is definitely the hit of the album, culminating in the video with a blast of confetti. The song perfectly encapsulates being lost in a crowd, and finding your way. It’s truly the perfect reunion.


Girl has barest video out of all the tracks, with the trademark rectangles on the album cover, glitching out on a the pastel pink background to the beat. The track showcases Jamie xx’s classic calming dance vibes, featuring voices and beats precisely layered over one another. We’re serenaded by Jamie and his need for a certain pretty lady’s affection. Believe us Jamie, we want your love too.

Stream In Colour on iTunes here

Photo by Koury Angelo

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