Our Top 5 OMG Moments from OFWGKTA, Just In Case

Last night, Tyler The Creator broke our hearts when he cryptically tweeted: "although no more, those 7 letters are forever," insinuating that his hip-hop collective Odd Future had broken up. Instantly, Twitter blew up and fans began grieving the loss of their fav Cali hip hop icons and trend setters. But, fear no more– this morning, Tyler cleared it up, explaining that his tweets were just him feeling nostalgic.

The crew, which notably features Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Taco, Syd tha Kyd and Frank Ocean, together have undeniably transformed the world of hip-hop to encompass their outlandish and unconventional creative minds. So, just in case Tyler takes it back again, Milk Made is here to bring you the top 5 OMG moments of OFWGKTA because they’ve certainly done some crazy shit.

The Weirdest Music Video Ever

Disgusting, but kind of cool in a slightly disturbing sense, ‘Rella’ is probably the dopest video of all time and the boys are hella lit. Hodgy’s a booty-loving robo-cop, Tyler’s a coke sniffing Centaur, and Domo sporting a curly mohawk as he smacks (cold blooded!) happy women and screws with chubby ginger kids. You should never expect anything less than absolute outrageousness from the OF clique. From Tyler’s roach swallowing in Yonkers to becoming the scariest baby ever in NY (Ned Flander), OF never fails to disappoint on the visual front.

Tyler The Creator’s SXSW Riot

OFWGKTA’s ring leader and token troublemaker Tyler the Creator made waves last year during his show at SXSW, leading to his arrest and landing him a goofy-looking mugshot. Apparently, while performing, he told the crowd outside his concert who couldn’t get into the venue to march on into the show. Tyler got them to chant "“PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!” while they broke down the gates and almost started a riot. While no injuries were reported, Tyler was arrested on his way home and charged with a Class A Misdemeanor.

Frank Ocean’s Coming Out Letter

Rumors had been circulating for months about the rapper’s sexuality, and right before channel ORANGE dropped, Frank Ocean dropped some news of his own. Showing off his poetic talent in and out of music, Frank penned a beautiful letter on his Tumblr coming out as bisexual. He described the heartache of his partially unreciprocated love affair, and thanked the guy he was seeing, and his friends and family, for helping him learn, grow and truly experience love for the first time. The news was huge, especially coming from an industry that can be notoriously homophobic, but the crew stuck by him. After all, they already knew by his pop tart tastes.

Earl Getting Sent to Samoa

After his critically acclaimed debut album Earl was released in 2010, Earl Sweatshirt vanished from the spotlight. His mother, UCLA law professor Cheryl Harris who felt he was getting into too much trouble with his Odd Future crew, sent him off to a reform school in Samoa. The blogosphere was outraged and the FREE EARL campaign was born. T-shirts and other memorabilia were made and the movement became so intense that Earl asked fans to stop after he feared for his mom’s safety. However, he re-emerged once he turned 18 and has since released another lauded album and a deep 10 minute song dedicated to his mom.

Loiter Squad

Or, how could we forget that time that the gang created their own comedy sketch show for Adult Swim. The show, which aired for three seasons, was compared to the likes of The Chappelle Show and featured the OFWGKTA crew showing off their uniquely surreal humor. We watched guests like Seth Rogen, Bam Margera and Lil Wayne pop up to join the crew. From that time Taco met coffee to our favorite character, Catchphrase Jones, Loiter Squad’s outrageous pranks and perfectly strange humor was the best thing on TV for awhile.

Photography by Damon Winter, Terry Richardson and the Austin Police Department

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