Princess Nokia: The Child of Nature & Higher Power

The next femme from our Milk Made x FRANK series is none other than intergalactic, multi-dimensional, music queen Princess Nokia. The NYC born artist has been exploring her multi-faceted persona for years, going from being known as Wavy Spice to creating music through her alter-ego, Princess Nokia – music that is intended to reach a universal trope of people. Whether channeling her inner divinity or being inspired by God, Nokia is a force to be reckoned with.

Name: Duchess Soaring Hawk, of Princess Nokia

Age: Old Soul

Where are you from? Planet Gaia

Occupation: Musician

You previously performed under the aptly chosen stage name Wavey Spice, but recently made the transition to Princess Nokia—tell us a bit about that transformation and how it all happened.

There is a side of super natural power that has resided in me since I was a little girl, because I am a child of nature and Higher Power.

It’s easy to see how being from NYC has influenced your attitude and style, but at the same time you’ve got this amazing sense of spirituality and dreaminess that in a way is so non New York. Where did that influence come from, and how crucial a role does it play in your work these days?

I let God speak through my eyes and mouth. I see its beauty in the land and the magic of its people. I believe in kindness and love. My spirit and thought process channels an entirely different vibration of higher cosmic frequency. I am an indigo child, I live in clairvoyance, my third eye chakra has always been open. I was a small psychic child simply following my path of enlightenment. It plays a very crucial role in my work, it’s important to narrate that spirituality and paint a musical picture of cosmic life.

Describe (your idea of) femininity in three words.

Essence, Magick, Poetry

Who’s your all-time favorite style icon or influence? Could be any person, place, or thing!

I like Divine, mythical creatures and people. Fairies, Sirens, Pixies, Elves, Sprites, Nymphs, Mermaids, Shapes shifters, Angels, Seraphims, Goddess, Wise Witches, and Healers.

Photography by Adrian Mesko

Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Styled by Miyako Bellizzi

Hair by Eloise Cheung

Make Up by Yacine Diallo

Stay tuned for more features from our Milk x Frank collaboration, check out the new issue of Frank 151 to see them all in print

Listen to Princess Nokia here

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