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Through the Lens of Dennis Hopper's Drugstore Camera

The allure of the disposable camera can be traced back to a time before iPhones, printers and online music streaming existed. No, it’s not just the millennials who are nostalgic for an era before the digital age and pine for a vintage aesthetic, composed of grainy film images and their parents’ wardrobe. The mysterious 1-take camera wonder was also well loved by the late Dennis Hopper who was made famous by his appearances in Apocalypse Now and Blue Velvet. The mega talented actor, film-maker and photographer just had his photo book Drugstore Camera, a clothbound collection of his disposables, hit bookstores this week.

The images in the book follow Hopper’s journey through the dry terrain of Taos, New Mexico while filming Easy Rider in the late 60s and early 70s. Taking a disposable camera wherever he went, Hopper shot his friends, family and his daily outings through the expansive arid landscapes of the dirty south. His effortlessly cool images reek of a time filled with free love, acid trips and western flair, making us 21st century folk even more sentimental for yester-year.

Photos Courtesy of The Hopper Art Trust

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