Rick Owens designs his dream motor home

He’s like that friend that you love but you’re always a little jealous of. When you have a 25 foot tall statue of yourself, and A$AP calling you “the God of this shit”, what more could you want? A mobile home, it seems. Creative genius Rick Owens is currently building a custom mobile home for his upcoming travels within the United States. Under construction in at the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa, the production will take about a year.

After moving to Paris in 2002 from the Golden State, Owens has yet to come back to his hometown of Porterville where his parents still live. Planning to spend more time in the States with a new store opening in L.A., Owens is fulfilling the dream of transporting your whole world with you wherever you go. Revealing that the home will be in “Matte-black, of course” is just about all we know on this project.

"I’m fine if I can have it all done my way, but it all has to be my way,” he says to Complex. “Michèle (Owen’s partner) likes to wander and I’m happy to tag along, so long as I can bring my whole world with us.” Why summer in the South of France when you can road trip à l’américaine?

Celebrated for his dark aesthetic and bridging runway with hip-hop, what can we expect out of his portable crib? We’re hoping to see something lavish, over the top and hella badass.

Check out our exclusive interview with Michèle Lamy here

Photo by Danielle Levitt

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